I’d Like to Right Something

In an effort to keep my caffeine addiction at a some-what normal level, I’ve been limiting myself to one cup a morning–and not my usual giant, 16- 20-ounce ceramic cup of joy, happiness,… Continue reading

Yahoo’s Killer News Strategy and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Extra! Extra! Five years ago, I wrote a blog post in which I suggested that Yahoo should drop out of the search game and instead focus on what they…

Bits and pieces: Today’s micro post to be followed by more

That headline is a bit long. But in any case I’ve decided to honor my previous post’s promise and live a bit more in daily mode than feature-length. So my blogs are going… Continue reading


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life as a post grad.  Quite honestly, I’ve been whining a lot lately about my life as a post grad.  I’ve realized this through many… Continue reading

“Dreams don’t w…

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” In order to feel like I know what’s going on I need to: – Watch a morning news show for at least an hour– Check CNN while… Continue reading

‘Fixing’ American Journalism

‘Fixing’ American Journalism Seymour Hersh, a decorated investigative journalist, shares his views on the Obama administration, NSA leaks and the future of journalism.  An inspiring message for a young journalist who wants to… Continue reading

We need a newspaper: Editorial response to CASD text messages

I feel as though it’d be wrong of me to ignore one of the most embarrassing/devastating things to happen during my lifetime as a resident of Coatesville, Pa. I grew up in Coatesville,… Continue reading

The Break-up: Reporters and leakers calling it quits?

The stories of summer have undoubtedly created conversations and stirred the pot in society about race, privacy, government, etc. Whether you agree with how events are covered or not it’s not really about… Continue reading

Cut from the team: Philadelphia School District’s funding crisis

I started covering the Philadelphia School District in the winter when I learned a school in my beat was going to be closed. I was on the hunt trying to get some answers… Continue reading

Leakers: Patriots or Terrorists?

Story of the summer: NSA leaks and the chronicles of Edward Snowden. The biggest question many Americans and journalists are pondering is whether or not Snowden is a terrorist/guilty of true blue treason.… Continue reading