Leakers: Patriots or Terrorists?

Story of the summer: NSA leaks and the chronicles of Edward Snowden. The biggest question many Americans and journalists are pondering is whether or not Snowden is a terrorist/guilty of true blue treason. Complicating Snowden’s situation further is his asylum in Russia. Many see the irony in seeking asylum in a place much less transparent/compassionate than the United States. But, it’s not just the irony of the situation it’s that it further complicates international diplomacy between two world powerhouses.

I’m not trying to dive into anything on these issues – they’ve been covered so much I feel like it’s an overload.

All I want to say, all I’d like to hear is an eloquent response from the White House. My question really doesn’t have much to do with Snowden or Putin or Obama – I’m curious as to why when the leaks were seeped out into mainstream media, why the White House did not deliver a straightforward response packed with prevented attacks and justifications for the NSA programs.

Personally, I don’t mind things like the Patriot Act or the NSA watching over my phone records. For me, I care more about my safety than my privacy – I’m not private, I’m a journalist, I like to know everything about everyone all the time.

BUT I do have a problem with dishonesty. I hate when people have secrets and act like they don’t. How hypocritical to not open up to the American people when you’ve heard practically everything we’ve ever said.

If you’re going to watch us and monitor us, tell us and tell us why. Give good reasons, give success stories, back up your game. Don’t pussyfoot around podiums and news conferences with vague descriptions of potential/prevented attacks. Don’t cancel meetings with politicians, journalists or the American people dodging questions that make you second guess yourself.

Snowden isn’t a hero to me, but he’s not a criminal either. I don’t see any hero in this story and that’s my problem.