I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life as a post grad. 

Quite honestly, I’ve been whining a lot lately about my life as a post grad. 

I’ve realized this through many lengthy, whiny conversations and decided to wake up. Stop moping. Stop feeling entitled, see life is not always like the movies and it’s definitely not moving at hyper speed.

In college 22 was “old,” on the outside 22 is the youngest you can be at most full time jobs. Yet many 20 somethings are grappling with wanting to advance quickly and have these brilliant jobs/careers that our superiors have worked years to achieve. 

It could be because there are so many people are age that are famous and living a dream. While it’s inspiring to see Mark Zuckerberg, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence live an amazing life by 23, it’s not healthy to think we can all create the next Facebook and be billionaires. I have no shame in admitting my admiration for the amazingly successful 20 somethings of my generation, but I do see that my admiration has driven me a little crazy putting some “I need to be ‘successful’ by 25” deadline on my life. 

I’m not saying it’s okay to settle at where I am, but I am seeing that my perception is very, very skewed.