Bits and pieces: Today’s micro post to be followed by more

That headline is a bit long.

But in any case I’ve decided to honor my previous post’s promise and live a bit more in daily mode than feature-length. So my blogs are going to be a bit more regular, a bit shorter and a bit personal.

Today’s bit’s of important news and editorial thoughts:

– While I do not condone the actions of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, I do think there’s more to his story than a viral crack-smoking video that surfaced months before the media frenzy. Also, I find it much more respectable if politicians were honest about their behavior than hiding it in scandal. I never thought I’d say this but, I respect Bill Clinton’s blow job more than JFK’s affair with Marilyn.

– The tornadoes that ravaged the Midwest produced deeply moving and upsetting images not only of damages but of scary realities of climate change and rural areas where information doesn’t travel fast enough to warn people. I think one of the most poignant things I heard about the tornadoes was that the Washington, Ill. mayor had to turn away help because so many came to aid neighbors — amazing.

– George Zimmerman was arrested again. Renisha McBride’s case is building legal fuel. There’s no way we can move past these cases without reevaluating “stand your ground” laws. I’m not even going to go into gun control.

Something new I’m trying today:

Rita Ora, who was also rushed to the hospital due to heat exhaustion today. Random news bit there.

That’s all.