Arab Spring: Missing Truth

In March 2011, civil wars and public protests “sprung” in the Middle East. This turbulent time was labeled by major media outlets as Arab Spring- a term I love and hate. While I appreciate the double entendre of the season spring and the verb of springing up, I find the term to have an unwanted connotation of “us versus them.”

It’s now been a little over two years since the season of rebellion and the events that followed have changed the political game in the Middle East significantly. In light of recent events in Turkey I wish we could see more investigative work than just the consistently breaking coverage (which is great but just not enough).

I know that I personally wish I would have known two years ago what I know now about the Middle East and the importance of Arab Spring. In February 2011 I interviewed an Egyptian student the same age as me at Temple University. We discussed the political action in the Middle East and I, as sophomore in college performing my first real interview, fumbled through questions and understanding his answers.

While thanks to Facebook I’m sure I could reconnect with the amazing source, I still regret not taking more detailed notes to keep and learn from.